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Tools Of The Trade

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Drums / Hardware

DW Collector's Series - Maple shells - Broken Glass Finish 

18x20 Bass Drum

6x14 Snare Drum

9x10 Tom

10x12 Tom

12x14 Floor Tom

14x16 Floor Tom

5000 Series Cymbal & Hi-Hat

9000 Series Tom Holder & Snare Stand

5000 Series Double Pedal


13" Quick Beat Hi-Hats
20" Ping Ride
18" China Boy Low
16" A Series Rock Crash
17" Z3 Series Rock Crash
18" A Series Rock Crash

Drum Heads

Bass Drum - EMAD
Snare Drum - ST Dry (Coated)
Toms - G2 Clear

Drum Sticks

5A Wood Tip (Hickory)

In Ear Monitors

ATH - E50

Tools Of The Trade: List
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