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Robert Chandler

Professional Recording / Touring Drummer

Hello Everyone and thanks for taking an interest in what I do!

I have been playing drums for, well, a long time. My earliest accounts come from my parents. They say at the age of 3 or 4, I saw a group at an outdoor event and stood front and center of stage for the whole show never taking my eyes off the drums. That is where my passion began and continues today. Shortly after, my parents got me my first drum, a snare (chrome) with a little cymbal attached.
Family support has been absolutely huge for me as to where I am today. My Grandparents loaned me the money to get my first real drum set. A used Slingerland Radio Kings! My Mom & Dad as well as my Brothers and Sisters put up with so much practicing. This was both me on my own and with bands!
High School is where things started getting serious. Playing in bands at all the parties and dreaming of being on an Arena Tour. As far out as that was, it was what continued to fuel my drive.
After High School I studied music at Harper College. Drums obviously, with my second instrument being piano.
From there I entered the “Paying Your Dues” phase which lasted a long time. This consisted of, not as many different bands, but gigs upon gigs upon gigs on the club circuit.
Playing in Uncle Sam ushered in a successful phase. We were direct support for many of the heavyweight National acts such as, Vince Neil, Bret Michaels, Slaughter and Firehouse.
Currently, with the Artist Larry Pascale, there is no limit to success. Regular rotation on the US airwaves along with a National Tour is making 2022 to be an amazing year!
Thank you again for taking an interest in my work. Drums/music was a part of my life early on and will always be. When anyone has such a passion (as I have with drums), it will always be a part of you forever!


Robert Chandler

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